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Monthly Archives: January 2014

  • Thank you Brenton Tamblyn ! Friends of Victor Harbor
    Thank you Brenton Tamblyn ! Friends of Victor Harbor

    Brenton Tamblyn quits Victor Harbor Farmers' Market
    After five years, Brenton is standing down as manager of the popular market at Grosvenor Gardens. 

  • Thank you Australian Working Dog Rescue
    Thank you Australian Working Dog Rescue

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    #URGENT – NSW – Female kelpie x, 3 years. Sweet girl, lovely coloured coat. Well behaved, sits nicely for her treats. Her time is up tomorrow. She urgently needs a foster carer.

    To foster for AWDRI complete our form here:

    Please do not state anything along the lines of "I will foster them!" on this thread. Please communicate via email. People making statements or promises on the page stop many others from helping.

    If you live interstate you can still foster. We simply require donations.

    To sponsor or donate see the following URL:

    You can also donate via GiveEasy, using your credit card, on their website or their mobile app. Details available online.

    Please note we do not adopt direct from the pound but do offer "foster with a view to adoption" to interested parties. Just complete the foster application form if you are interested.


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    Puggy Soy Latte please….

    Just one of the many perks for puggies being cared for in our Pug Rescue foster care homes….

  • Thank you The Animal Rescue Site
    Thank you The Animal Rescue Site

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    LOL! Does this remind you of your dog?

  • Thank you RSPCA South Australia
    Thank you RSPCA South Australia

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    JUSTICE FOR KODA AND MYA: Almost a year after Koda and Mya came into RSPCA South Australia’s care, they’re finally seeing justice.

    Koda weighed just 13.8kg and Mya a mere 7.2kg when they came into our care. A man and a woman were charged under the Animal Welfare Act 1985 for failing to provide appropriate and adequate food for the dogs. As the wheels of justice were turning, the two dogs were receiving plenty of TLC and rehabilitation at our Lonsdale shelter.

    A man was sentenced in Christies Beach Magistrates Court yesterday after pleading guilty to two charges relating to Koda and Mya’s ill-treatment. He was sentenced to three weeks in jail however this term was wholly suspended as the defendant agreed to enter into an 18 month good behaviour bond.

    "The extended period of neglect makes it a very serious offence. This is serious and will be treated as such,” said Magistrate Fahey.

    “I do not know how you could not have noticed the dogs … it would have been very distressing for them and they had no way of helping themselves.”

    The defendant was also banned from owning an animal for two years. His co-accused has had her hearing adjourned until late February.

    RSPCA South Australia executive manager of animal operations Kerriann Campbell remembers when both Koda and Mya arrived at Lonsdale.

    “Initially, they came to us separately. Mya was picked up as a stray. To start with, we didn’t know her and Koda were a bonded pair,” she said.

    “But once they were both in our care, they started to communicate with each other across the shelter. Our staff recognised what they were doing.

    “When we reunited them, they were just so happy. I’ve never seen companionship like that in a pair of dogs. It was almost human the way they behaved.”

    Once they were together again, Koda and Mya would spend their days playing in the paddocks and yards as they recovered at the Lonsdale shelter.

    “It took us more than four months of work and rehabilitation to get them to a healthy weight,” Ms Campbell said.

    “They were put through a number of nutrition, exercise and training regimes. Keeping them mentally stimulated was important too.”

    Despite many offers to adopt them individually, our staff didn’t think that would be in Koda and Mya’s best interest.

    The wonderful Clifford family adopted the pair in July last year and have given them the truly loving family they deserved. We’re thrilled we were able to meet the beautiful dogs, secure justice for them, and see them loved every day with their beautiful new family.

    Image Credit: Naomi Jellicoe, News Limited.