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Monthly Archives: August 2012

  • Checkout Boathaven Beach House
    Checkout Boathaven Beach House

    Boathaven Beach House
    Boathaven Beach House is a fun s/c pet friendly holiday cottage ideal forfamilies,couples,singles, 700 metres from the beach in Beautiful Second Valley South Australia. Your hosts Lyndell & John enjoy making their guests welome at only $100/night

  • Please support Animals Australia
    Please support Animals Australia

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    WARNING: Graphic Imagery.
    Just a couple of weeks ago, this grey nurse shark washed up on a NSW beach, finless and dead ( Every year, millions of sharks around the world suffer a similar fate – simply for the sake of a bowl of soup.

    Shark fin soup is a popular Asian dish, now widely available in Australia. The popularity of this soup has created a high demand for fins. Such a high demand that many fishermen will cut the fins off sharks, and simply toss the wounded animals back to sink and drown. This dreadful practice is illegal in Australia, but clearly these laws are hard to enforce.

    While shark finning is illegal in Australia, the sale of shark fins is not. But with caring people like you speaking out, we can change that!

    If you want to see sharks protected from cruelty, please call for a ban on the sale of shark fins in Australia:

  • Thank you Victor Apartments
    Thank you Victor Apartments

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    Have just spent 5 days sailing around the Fleurieu to Victor Harbor and then onto Kangaroo Island. What an amazing coast South Australia has!!

  • Great Artwork by Aaron Schirmer of Led Zeppelin -
    Great Artwork by Aaron Schirmer of Led Zeppelin -

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    ★ One of a kind Led Zeppelin art piece by Aaron Schirmer available at Victor Harbor Art Haus. Can be posted interstate too! Perfect for Fathers Day! Lots of other interesting and locally made fathers day presents available – pics are coming soon. ★
    Friends of Art Haus

  • Thank you Happy Mango Beads !
    Thank you Happy Mango Beads !

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    Thank you @[247578775324008:274:McKee Jewelry Designs] for letting us steal this!